How To Do Hajj

How To Do Hajj

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The question how to do Hajj could not be answered in a single line because it starts from our desire to perform Hajj until we land back to our mother land. First of all, any Muslim should have the desire to perform Hajj. If he has ardent desires then his wish will be fulfilled by Allah for sure. Allah sees the purity of one’s heart and not the wealth or any world’s possessions.

Once we have strong desire with enough funds then our procedure will start with submitting application. The method of applying varies from country to country. In India Haj Committee makes necessary arrangements and offers a chance to perform Hajj in the easiest possible way. Formerly passport was not required. However from the year 2009, it has been made mandatory. Another choice would be perform Hajj separately through tour groups. But it is quite expensive when compared with the arrangements done by Haj Committee of India. If more numbers of people have applied lot system is followed to select the applicants.

Once our applications are accepted we will be contacted and the money has to be paid. Then we have to get ready with everything once the date is announced. Those who are going through tour groups will be given food by these groups. But those who go through Haj Committee of India should take groceries and other cooking utensils with them.

Before going for Hajj it is the right option to clear all the debts one has in his life. He should ask forgiveness from all his friends and relatives. Once we land in Makkah, we will be sent to our rooms. These are usually on sharing basis. The rooms might be very close to Masjid al Haram or far away from that depending upon the category we have selected.

Some people reach Makkah many days before Hajj and some very closer to Haj days. It depends upon the flights we are allotted. Then we have to wait till the Haj time nears. Until then the time is spent on Tawaf and other good deeds.

The Hajj days starts on the 8th day of the last Arabic month Zil Hajj. On that day, the pilgrims wearing Ihram dress are exported to Mina by special vehicles and after spending a full day there, on the next day that is on 9th of Zil Hajj, early in the morning, people should move to Arafat. Arafat is a big ground and only temporary tents will be there.

After spending time in Arafat until sunset, we should go to Muzdalifah without praying Mahrib as Mahrib prayer has to be done along with Isha prayer only in Muzdalifah. During the days of Hajj certain things would change from their normal schedules and we should abide by that.

After prayer at Muzdalifah, the night is spent there. It is at that place that everyone should collect small stones for throwing at Satan. Next morning if we walk to Mina, we will have to stop by Jamarat and throw 7 stones only at the big Jamarat. There are three Jamarats there and all these three have to be stoned on the 11th and 12th of the month and not on the 10th.

After stoning Jamarat, we have to return to Masjid Al Haram after giving our Qurbani. Qurbani is sacrificing a goat or a cow or a camel for Allah. The flesh or the blood does not reach Allah but Allah sees only our thoughts. After that ritual we have to remove our hair fully or one fourth of it. The ladies should cut one inch of their hair. After hair removal, we are out of our Ihram.

Then we have to go to Masjid Al Haram for performing the Tawaf Ziyarat. Tawaf Ziyarat is a part of Hajj and until it is done, having sex is prohibited. This Tawaf is done in the same way of doing any Umrah with 7 rounds around Kaaba and prayer and then going between Safa and Marwa seven times.

The Tawaf Ziyarat could be done on 10th or 11th or before the evening of 12th of Zil Hajj month. Then again we should return to Mina and should not stay in Makkah. All the three satan should be stoned on all these three days and the ritual of Hajj would be complete. Though we usually stay in Makkah for a month, Hajj takes place only in these five days. If you want to know how to do hajj then you have to study the rituals spreading over these days.

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