Getting Ready For Hajj

Getting Ready For Hajj

by Iqra Post

The intention of doing Hajj should be virtuous with only aim to fulfill the duties of Allah and not of any trade or touristic intentions. Only then the Hajj will be an accepted Hajj. To make our Hajj an accepted one we have to get ready for Hajj following some instructions. First thing is Taqwa, the full belief of Allah and the second important thing is Niyyath, the sole intention of going to Makkah only for Hajj.

Once we are getting ready for Hajj, we have to get enough knowledge of all necessary things. We must learn some duas or prayers that are needed during Hajj. We should buy some Hajj related books that will be a good guidance till the end. Also people may turn to the Hajis who have performed Hajj one or more times to learn how to do Hajj in a right manner. We should not blindly imitate others but only turn to the good scholars for help.

When we get our flight date, we have to make arrangements of things that are needed to be carried along with us. Make sure that all the things we take to hajj are halal. It means that they should be earned in the ethical way shown by Allah and his Prophet.sal and should not be earned by haram or unethical manner. If haram goes into a body, it is one of the main reasons why the hajj might not be accepted.

Take things as much as you need and get enough Ihram dresses for Hajj times. Carrying an extra Ihram dress set is advisable. All the items are available in Makkah and Madina these days and so you can buy anything there. Therefore do not carry excessively as it would give you trouble during your journey.

Ask for forgiveness from your dears and nears. You might have done wrong to anyone without your knowledge and this should not be a hindrance for the acceptance of your Hajj. So it is better to ask forgiveness from all your near relatives and friends. Also clear any debts if you have to be clear of all worldly debts.

When getting ready for Hajj, offer as many prayers as you can, read quran, chant zikr and duas and ask towba or forgiveness from Allah. Also give alms to the poor and needy as much as you can as a part of your preparations. These things become real reasons to make your Hajj acceptable.

Fighting during Hajj is one of the worst things to make your Hajj an unacceptable thing. So, Satan would make all efforts to create misunderstand between husband and wife or parents and children during Hajj days. So, take an oath not to fight with anyone and pray Allah to give you endurance and patience till the end.

If you are going as a group, then select the right members for your group. Select an elderly person to act as a leader so that there will be unity till the end. Before you leave your hometown, go to your area mosque and make prayers, sukriya salat to offer your gratitude to Allah for giving you an opportunity to perform Hajj and hajath salat to beg Allah to make your journey trouble-free till the end.

Start chanting the important dua of Hajj as many times as you can:

“Labbaik! Allahumma Labbaik! Labbaik! Laa shareekalaka Labbaik!
Innal Hamdha, Van Nihmatha, Lakavul Mulk! Laa Shareekalak!!”

This is called Talbiya and the meaning of Labbaik or Talbiya is ‘I have come… Allah I have come… to obey your orders. I am at your service and you have no partner and all the praises are yours… the sovereignty is yours and you truly have no partners.’


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