What Is Ihram ?

What Is Ihram ?

by Iqra Post

The moment we intend to perform Hajj or Umrah, certain things that were halal or could be done during our normal life become haram or should not be done and this state is called Ihram. There are some terms and conditions of Ihram. Men should wear only white dress without any stitches. Usually they are two pieces of long towels one worn around the waist and one above over the shoulders. Women have no special dress for Ihram and their normal dresses are enough. However care should be taken not to shed any hair from their head and so they usually cover their head with a piece of cloth.

Where should we enter into Ihram?

There is a boundary line for people coming from different directions of the world where they should enter into Ihram. This boundary line is called Meeqat or Miqat. For assuming Ihram there are five boundary lines namely Dhul Hulaifa, Qarn Ul Manazil, Yalamlam, Dhatu Irq and Al Juhfah for people coming from long distances.

For people coming from Yemen, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia and other eastern countries Yalamlam is the Miqat. This place is 52 km away from Yemen. For people from Madina, Dhul Hulaifa is the Miqat and it is situated at a distance of 5 km from Madina. For those who are heading for Hajj or Umrah from Siriya, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, Thabook and Kaiber, Al Juhfah is the Miqat and this is situated 9 km from a place named Raabik near Red Sea.

For the people of Najath and Thayif, Qarn Ul Manazil which is located 48 km from Makkah is the Miqat. For people of Iran, Iraq and Kuwait, Dhatu Irq located 80 km north east of Makkah is the Miqat. For those who are coming from Baithul Mukathas, the Miqat is Eliya and for those from the east, it is Akeek.

For residents of Makkah, the Miqat is Mecca itself. For other people staying in Makkah the Miqats are Hillu boundary in which Hudhaifiya, Zihrana and Thanyeem are located. Zihrana is the best among all and is located 18 km away from Jabal Un Noor mountain. Thanyeen is 5 km away from Masjid Al Haram and there is a masjid here named Ayisha Masjid where people enter into Ihram. Hudhaifiya is located 22 km from Makkah on the Makkah to Jeddah road.

Sunnahs of Ihram

Sunnah is the path shown and lived by Prophet Muhammad.sal and it is desirous to follow the sunnah in life. There are some sunnahs of Ihram listed below.

1. Removing all unwanted hair and nails from the body and taking bath before entering into Ihram.
2. If going with spouse, having intercourse before entering into Ihram.
3. Praying two raq-at Thahyathul Ihram and saying out the intention to do Umrah or Haj.
4. Start saying Labbaik or Talbiya immediately after taking oath to perform Umrah or Hajj is Farl or a must.
5. Chanting Talbiya three times without any interruption is Sunnah.
6. Saying Salavat and asking dua after reciting Talbiya is also Sunnah.

Don’t of Ihram

1. Should not embrace, kiss or do any such stimulating things or have intercourse with the spouse until out of Ihram.
2. Should not speak bad words or do bad deeds.
3. Should not fight or argue with others.
4. Men should not cover their head and face. Women should not cover their face but should cover their heads.
5. Should not cut hair or nail.
6. Men should not wear dresses with stitches not even inner wears with seams. Only seamless white pieces of cloths should be worn. However wearing belt and watch and wallets are allowed.
7. Should not use scents or perfumes.
8. Should not wear shoes that cover the top portion of the feet. Sandals that expose the upper portion could be worn.
9. Should not hunt or kill animals or insects. Killing venomous ones and fishing are exceptions.
10. Ladies with menstruation can enter into Ihram but they should not enter Masjid Al Haram or Masjid An Nabawi until they are out of menstruation. They have to wait until they are clean and perform their rituals.


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