Types of Hajj ?

Types of Hajj ?

by Iqra Post

Hajj could be performed in three ways and they are named as Hajj e Ifrad or isolated Hajj, Hajj e Qiran or accompanied Hajj and Hajj e Tamattu or enjoyable Hajj. There are no differences in Hajj but only the differences in performing it. All the three ways are accepted by the Lord.

Hajj e Ifrad

The pilgrim doing this type of Hajj is called Mufrid. He enters Ihram at Miqat or the boundary line and goes to Haram and does Tawaf Qudum and remains in the same Ihram until the time of Hajj. Then he performs all the rights and rituals of Hajj as usual and comes out of Ihram.

He enters Ihram with the sole intention of doing Hajj only and so does not perform Umrah before Hajj. Even if he does Umrah, he should not clip or shave his hair and should remain in the state of Ihram.

Animal sacrifice in this form of Hajj is optional. He may or may not do that because he is under no obligation to do so.

Hajj e Qiran

The pilgrim performing this type of Hajj is called Qaarin. He enters into Ihram at Miqaat and after going to Masjid Al Haram, performs his Umrah and then does other rituals of Umrah but should not shave his hair.

He should keep his intention both for Umrah and Hajj together before he starts. Only after all the rituals of Hajj are completed he must come out of Ihram. Until then he must follow all the rules and regulations of Ihram. But since he has to stay in Ihram for a long number of days, this is better if he starts his journey closer to Hajj days. He must animal sacrifice as a part of his Hajj.

Hajj e Tamattu

The pilgrim performing this type of Hajj is called Muthamathiu. He enters into Ihram at Miqaat only for Umrah and not for Hajj. Once he completes his Tawaf and Umrah, he comes out of Ihram and leads a normal life. He shaves or clips his hair after coming out of Ihram.

Then again on the 8th of Zil Hajj month, he enters into Ihram from the place where he is staying and then completes all the rituals of Hajj in the usual manner. Then he should again shave his hair after the Hajj is completed. He must make animal sacrifice as a part of Haj. This is the common form of Hajj performed by most pilgrims as it is easier and better option.

All these types are accepted by the Lord. However Hajj e Qiran is considered to be the best as Prophet Muhammad.sal did this type of Hajj. But it depends upon one’s will power and strength and anyone is free to perform any type of Hajj of his choice.


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